About the Blue Gryphon

imageThe Blue Gryphon (Le Griffon Bleu) is a small family business 
located in the Gatineau-Ottawa area (Canada).

We started out as selling roleplaying games books and a few boardgames at a local Ottawa convention, but then we added another convention, and another.

At some point, we started selling a few videogames, and as the demand grew 
(or we should say exploded), we woke up one morning with
a huge collection of videogames and accessories, and a schedule 
of about a dozen conventions throughout the year. 

Here at the Blue Gryphon, we specialize in selling(and buying!) mostly 
older games that have become harder to find in regular, bigger stores 
(like walmart, futureshops and the likes).

As a rule of thumb, you can safely consider that the more recent a game is,
the less likely it is that we will carry it. However, if you are looking for 
things from "once upon a time"... now you are at the right place! 

We sell videogames consoles, games and accessories, from pretty much
any system you might think of, except the most recent ones.

We also sell RPG (role playing games) books of many types, 
like Dungeons & Dragons (from the first ed. and up), Warhammer, 
Whitewolf games and more. Again, mostly older editions.

And then there is also the boardgames, some a little more recent,
and some pretty older wargames, and as we keep expanding, we now hold a selection of geek trinkets, themed jewelry and accessories.

So we hit the road every now and then with most of our stuff and head for the next convention centre, to meet the nostalgic gamers from near and far. .